Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick Update* & Summer Workouts among other things....

    So, guys it's been awhile since I've blogged especially about
working out specifically and I thought I'd update everyone on
how I'm doing! especially since it's summer time and actually
almost half way through summer as well because July is around
the corner! Before I get onto talking about how my body is
turning out I'd like to apologize for the delay because I've
been taking an online physics course in order to make my
Senior year less stressful.....basically a lot of my time is
taken up with trying to complete this course especially
since I'm 11 days behind which isn't my fault since I didn't
get the login info until a third of June passed which kind
of has me screwed for the first semester but I'm doing
my best to catch up!

     Anyways back to working out....well right now I've changed
up my routine a bit since last time because now I do a 6 min.
jog on the tredmill to warm my body up and get the blood
flowing before I hit the weights....then I head over to the
dumb-bells where I do some curls from 15lbs - 35lbs in
pyramid sets, and in between that I do skull crushers with
a 50lb bar. After that I move over to go bench which I first
of all just use the bar to warm up my chest/shoulders then
do 12 reps of 110 then 10 reps to 8 then order to
get multiple pumps in....I'm actually trying to get myself stronger
in order to do regular reps with my own body weight on the bar...
however it's evident I still have a lot of work to do in order to get
that I'm still pushing it in order to increase my gains...
Then from benching I move on to an area in my gym called
12 min abs which has 12 stations in which you work your abs
for a minute and then move on to the next machine....It's been
working well especially since I'm slowly burning all the fat in
my stomach area while strengthening the muscles in my core.
Then from abs I do multiple lunges to a leg press then I finally
finish it all off with another 6 min jog.

*All in all I rate this work out an 8/10 because I'm moving in
the direction I want to go in....however once I can find more
time for myself I also want to include back exercises as well
since that's a very important part of your body.

 Also because it's hard sticking with one protein supplement
since I've been trying everything around....I decided to kind
of broaden my horizons when it comes to these nutritional
boosts so as of now I'm taking "Protein" by Muscle Milk
which is alright, I mean it has a decent amount of protein
per serving which is 26grams while also providing me with
casein a slow disgesting protein which I've heard is good
in the long run of keeping your gains but not as good as
whey....but I don't know it's been fine since I started using
it and it tastes decent but it has a weird after taste you have
to get accustomed too! I also suggest getting a shaker because
the powder in this drink is hard to dissolve compared to other
drinks like regular muscle milk or even bsn's syntha-6. Although
once I finish that tub, I recently bought today a new supplement
I'm excited to try that's called "Elite Mass" by Dymatize which
I chose to get via recommendation from one of my friends. I also
looked up a video which I'll put down below about the supplement

                                                   (Video on Elite Mass Protein Supplement)

I started to take Fish Oils and Multi-vitamins because I realized that I
don't get everything from the food pyramid everyday so it helps with my overall
physical performance in and out of the gym because I just feel good aha! Also
one more note! I tried an energy drink called Red Line Extreme which was helpful with
pumps the day I took it! However the downside is that it gets you up and going with tons
of caffeine which is okay....but it was 150mg which is about I'd say 3 cups of coffee which
is insane haha and it sucked because that night after working out I could not fall asleep until
3am in the morning because the caffeine was just way to powerful! Then again that was the
first time I've ever been exposed to that much caffeine at one time.......well guys if you're
looking for something to give you that extra kick I recommend you try taking  Red Line
however if you're sensitive to caffeine I'd just steer clear of this drink......

Here's some quick update pics on how I'm lookin' of (6/25/11)

(Front View)

(Side View)
All and All my arms have gotten more defined and bigger which makes me happy but I can always improve...