Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quick Update* & Summer Workouts among other things....

    So, guys it's been awhile since I've blogged especially about
working out specifically and I thought I'd update everyone on
how I'm doing! especially since it's summer time and actually
almost half way through summer as well because July is around
the corner! Before I get onto talking about how my body is
turning out I'd like to apologize for the delay because I've
been taking an online physics course in order to make my
Senior year less stressful.....basically a lot of my time is
taken up with trying to complete this course especially
since I'm 11 days behind which isn't my fault since I didn't
get the login info until a third of June passed which kind
of has me screwed for the first semester but I'm doing
my best to catch up!

     Anyways back to working out....well right now I've changed
up my routine a bit since last time because now I do a 6 min.
jog on the tredmill to warm my body up and get the blood
flowing before I hit the weights....then I head over to the
dumb-bells where I do some curls from 15lbs - 35lbs in
pyramid sets, and in between that I do skull crushers with
a 50lb bar. After that I move over to go bench which I first
of all just use the bar to warm up my chest/shoulders then
do 12 reps of 110 then 10 reps to 8 then order to
get multiple pumps in....I'm actually trying to get myself stronger
in order to do regular reps with my own body weight on the bar...
however it's evident I still have a lot of work to do in order to get
that I'm still pushing it in order to increase my gains...
Then from benching I move on to an area in my gym called
12 min abs which has 12 stations in which you work your abs
for a minute and then move on to the next machine....It's been
working well especially since I'm slowly burning all the fat in
my stomach area while strengthening the muscles in my core.
Then from abs I do multiple lunges to a leg press then I finally
finish it all off with another 6 min jog.

*All in all I rate this work out an 8/10 because I'm moving in
the direction I want to go in....however once I can find more
time for myself I also want to include back exercises as well
since that's a very important part of your body.

 Also because it's hard sticking with one protein supplement
since I've been trying everything around....I decided to kind
of broaden my horizons when it comes to these nutritional
boosts so as of now I'm taking "Protein" by Muscle Milk
which is alright, I mean it has a decent amount of protein
per serving which is 26grams while also providing me with
casein a slow disgesting protein which I've heard is good
in the long run of keeping your gains but not as good as
whey....but I don't know it's been fine since I started using
it and it tastes decent but it has a weird after taste you have
to get accustomed too! I also suggest getting a shaker because
the powder in this drink is hard to dissolve compared to other
drinks like regular muscle milk or even bsn's syntha-6. Although
once I finish that tub, I recently bought today a new supplement
I'm excited to try that's called "Elite Mass" by Dymatize which
I chose to get via recommendation from one of my friends. I also
looked up a video which I'll put down below about the supplement

                                                   (Video on Elite Mass Protein Supplement)

I started to take Fish Oils and Multi-vitamins because I realized that I
don't get everything from the food pyramid everyday so it helps with my overall
physical performance in and out of the gym because I just feel good aha! Also
one more note! I tried an energy drink called Red Line Extreme which was helpful with
pumps the day I took it! However the downside is that it gets you up and going with tons
of caffeine which is okay....but it was 150mg which is about I'd say 3 cups of coffee which
is insane haha and it sucked because that night after working out I could not fall asleep until
3am in the morning because the caffeine was just way to powerful! Then again that was the
first time I've ever been exposed to that much caffeine at one time.......well guys if you're
looking for something to give you that extra kick I recommend you try taking  Red Line
however if you're sensitive to caffeine I'd just steer clear of this drink......

Here's some quick update pics on how I'm lookin' of (6/25/11)

(Front View)

(Side View)
All and All my arms have gotten more defined and bigger which makes me happy but I can always improve...

Friday, May 13, 2011


    *DISCLAIMER* this post isn't about working out however
it's an issue I want to address so please bear with me

     Today marks a critical turning point in my life because I've done
something I'd never thought I'd do ever......If you're wondering
what this deed is then don't worry because I'm about to tell
you what I am speaking of......I've deleted my facebook....
It's kind of funny in a way because this social networking
website was a pretty huge part of my life before I chose
to rid myself of it.

     I remember for the past 3 years since I
first created my account at the beginning of Highschool. In
all of this time I spent "messaging people", sending wall posts,
and more importantly wasting valuable time.....It's really
unfortunate because when I reminisce the memories
involving the website, it can be seen as wasting sometimes
hours just checking up on my "friends" updates, and waiting
for replies. However today (5/13/11) at 8pm I finally got
rid of the parasite with some of my friends (Gregg, Jenny, Liam,
among others..) because this "bug" sucked a good chunk of my free
time away.

     I realized that with the 600+ friends I had, I
only really talked to less than 2% of those hundreds of
people I had listed as "friends". There's no point in having this
website when I can just email, skype, or even call/text
the people that are important in my life.....It's also true
that all the unknown strangers on my "friends" list could
have been creeping on my profile judging my pictures, and
who I "was" on that site......Although what really got me to
delete my account was an awesome teacher and a bro
named Brian Owens. In a college prep program after
school he happened to show us a video which I'll post
right here on my blog below!

(Meaningful video above)
*before you judge don't say anything and watch it all the way through and think logically about it*

     We then after watching the video elaborated on the purpose of social
networking which is suppose to bring people together yet pushes us
further apart it's like taking the easy way to keep in touch with someone.
Since you have access to them in a simple manner you become lazy and
therefore don't even talk to said person anyways.....It's just sad that we're
slowly disconnecting from everyone although there are those few people
who you actually interact with and have real conversations with. I also don't
like that fact that you slowly begin to put on a facade of yourself since you
have the ability to be who ever you want which causes you to lose your true
personality when you're on the net.......everyone is unique and you shouldn't
change the way you are because your true friends will love and care for you
because you're you! And finally an important detail for those who are real
hardcore with social networking, is that you lose the ability to be comfortable
in social situations in the real world which limits the amount of friends you can
make or even keep......It's just a pet peeve of mine that people can't be themselves....

     In the end it's really all about facing the things that gave you the most
pleasure however did more harm than good which is why I'm making this post
because now I have a lot more time to do more valuable things with my life!
I can now practice my guitar technique more, work out more, hang out with
the people I care about often, and not worry about silly things like notifications
along with online drama. I'm now living a more focused life and it already feels good!
Anyways this is my thought on the whole ordeal, and if you read this please make a
post on your blog about your addictions! Why did it make you suffer and what
did you get out of it when you finally left it? and what are you doing now that you're
free? Well it's always fun to get my thoughts down! Thanks everyone for checking this

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Secret....

Well just got back from a work out at Planet Fitness, and it was pretty good....I did a lot of arm exercises today and a little bit of chest as well. I've just recently started to body build and also this happens to be my first day using the Kre-Alkalyn Pills I just bought over the weekend....

Current Gym I'm going to...
Don't get me wrong Planet Fitness is a really nice place to work out at....however it's just the direction I'm going with my work outs don't really defend the gym's motto of "The Judgement Free Zone" because as I get bigger people will start to assume I judge....there's even a sign about "Lunks" (Really Athletic People) and also some of the equipment I want to use they don't happen to offer at the place.....

Anyways back on topic for this post...... music and working out!

One key factor to an amazing work out is sexy music!
In my iPod I have a few playlists specifically for going to the gym
or even just running (cardio) depending on my mood.
Although most of the time I listen to some heavy rock
and metal to help push me through lifting while keeping
a steady pace. In fact it's this kind of music for me personally
that pushes me that extra mile like a hardcore angry coach that
screams at you even if you're doing the right thing on the field
when you're playing a sport. However I do have playlists that
are more upbeat and focus on getting my energy up while 
harnessing the positive flow of mojo in my body. Overall in the 
end it really is up the beholders preferences when choosing music
to go use in the gym when working out. I even know some people
that have artists like Hilary Duff on their playlists.....I understand
it's weird and makes no sense...however since when did the world
ever make sense in the first place?.....

I'm just letting those who read this know that they should definitely 
have some kind of music set out for their physical endeavors! 
In the end it's all about having that special something that forces
you to push harder than your body is normally used to!

For those who want to know what's on some of my playlists here you go....

Hardcore (On Shuffle)
Scream - Avenged Sevenfold
Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
Burn It Down - Avenged Sevenfold
Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
Trashed And Scattered - Avenged Sevenfold
Walk - Pantera
Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold
Second Heartbeat - Avenged Sevenfold
The River - Good Charlotte (Feat. M. Shadows & Synyster Gates)
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Blood Brothers - Papa Roach
Laid - New Medicine 
End Of The World - New Medicine 
Sinner - Drowning Pool
Bodies - Drowning Pool
Get Free - The Vines
Ride - The Vines

Up Beat Work Out Muzak (Shuffle as well)
One World - TobyMac
Made To Love - TobyMac
I'm For You - TobyMac
Tonight - TobyMac
Get Back Up - TobyMac
Diverse City - TobyMac
Friction - B'z
Helicopter - Bloc Party
Hunting For Witches - Bloc Party
Control - Paul Dateh
Be More - Paul Dateh
Come Back Home - Suburban Legends
This Cherry - Suburban Legends
Island - The Starting Line
What You Want - The Starting Line
Almost there, Going Nowhere - The Starting Line
Love Is The Answer - Sugar Ray
When We Were Young - Sugar Ray

*Mental Note: I love TobyMac & Avenged Sevenfold.....don't hate haha just saying...

Anyways look into various types of music and see what really works for you when you go exercise! also I need help updating my library a bit so if anyone wants to leave suggestions I'd gladly take a shot at anyone's music (Disclaimer: this does not include anything affiliated with disney channel, Justin Bieber, and or anything remotely like Rebecca Black).

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well I've decided to make this blog to keep the progress I'm making in my efforts to
bulk up a bit more! Honestly right now I'm still trying to better my endeavors while
getting to the goal of putting a lot more muscle mass on my body. It'd been tough
especially since I just started doing all of this for myself in the summer of 2010.
However I'm doing my best to keep up with my gains while trying to stay healthy
over all!

Stats as of right now
Weight: 148.8
Height: 5 '10,1/2'
Age: 17
Diet: Haven't figured this part out yet excatly but I'm getting there
Workouts: 3 - 4 times a week depending on how busy I am or what's going on....
Exercises I mainly do: Bench Press, Bicep Curls, Some Tri-cep press, leg extension, anything with abs, etc....
I'm actually still a pretty skinny guy and right now it's just a matter of having more gains proportionally for my body which will be hard and painful.....though it's something that must be done in order to get where I want to be....

Right now the supplements I'm using are......

Syntha-6 (Protein)

Kre-Alkalyn (Creatine Supplement)

However I used to use....

Muscle Milk (Protein)

All my efforts of course go to myself because working out is for me and myself only however I want to thank Hanh Champion for being my inspiration to become stronger! because in order to get to your goal you have to start somewhere, and this is where I began as a weak skinny guy.....and now I'm changing that so that one day I can proudly say that "I'm a bulk guy that's as heathy as it gets!" Anyways I'll try to keep up with this blog as I go along with my work outs! Let's see what havoc we can wreak!