Friday, May 13, 2011


    *DISCLAIMER* this post isn't about working out however
it's an issue I want to address so please bear with me

     Today marks a critical turning point in my life because I've done
something I'd never thought I'd do ever......If you're wondering
what this deed is then don't worry because I'm about to tell
you what I am speaking of......I've deleted my facebook....
It's kind of funny in a way because this social networking
website was a pretty huge part of my life before I chose
to rid myself of it.

     I remember for the past 3 years since I
first created my account at the beginning of Highschool. In
all of this time I spent "messaging people", sending wall posts,
and more importantly wasting valuable time.....It's really
unfortunate because when I reminisce the memories
involving the website, it can be seen as wasting sometimes
hours just checking up on my "friends" updates, and waiting
for replies. However today (5/13/11) at 8pm I finally got
rid of the parasite with some of my friends (Gregg, Jenny, Liam,
among others..) because this "bug" sucked a good chunk of my free
time away.

     I realized that with the 600+ friends I had, I
only really talked to less than 2% of those hundreds of
people I had listed as "friends". There's no point in having this
website when I can just email, skype, or even call/text
the people that are important in my life.....It's also true
that all the unknown strangers on my "friends" list could
have been creeping on my profile judging my pictures, and
who I "was" on that site......Although what really got me to
delete my account was an awesome teacher and a bro
named Brian Owens. In a college prep program after
school he happened to show us a video which I'll post
right here on my blog below!

(Meaningful video above)
*before you judge don't say anything and watch it all the way through and think logically about it*

     We then after watching the video elaborated on the purpose of social
networking which is suppose to bring people together yet pushes us
further apart it's like taking the easy way to keep in touch with someone.
Since you have access to them in a simple manner you become lazy and
therefore don't even talk to said person anyways.....It's just sad that we're
slowly disconnecting from everyone although there are those few people
who you actually interact with and have real conversations with. I also don't
like that fact that you slowly begin to put on a facade of yourself since you
have the ability to be who ever you want which causes you to lose your true
personality when you're on the net.......everyone is unique and you shouldn't
change the way you are because your true friends will love and care for you
because you're you! And finally an important detail for those who are real
hardcore with social networking, is that you lose the ability to be comfortable
in social situations in the real world which limits the amount of friends you can
make or even keep......It's just a pet peeve of mine that people can't be themselves....

     In the end it's really all about facing the things that gave you the most
pleasure however did more harm than good which is why I'm making this post
because now I have a lot more time to do more valuable things with my life!
I can now practice my guitar technique more, work out more, hang out with
the people I care about often, and not worry about silly things like notifications
along with online drama. I'm now living a more focused life and it already feels good!
Anyways this is my thought on the whole ordeal, and if you read this please make a
post on your blog about your addictions! Why did it make you suffer and what
did you get out of it when you finally left it? and what are you doing now that you're
free? Well it's always fun to get my thoughts down! Thanks everyone for checking this

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